The NZ Games Festival board of directors select and lead the committee each year. As the beloved parents of NZGF, they are responsible for critical festival decisions and overseeing production.

Lucy Morris

lucy morris

Lucy is an independent developer, community builder and designer heavily involved in the games industry both locally and internationally. Currently co-founder of Women in Games NZ and the first APAC member to sit on the IGDA Board of Directors, she has grown large, diverse games communities in Western Germany, New Zealand & online.

Primarily a game designer and artist, she has worked for both ’AAA’ companies such as Ubisoft, and many independent entities such as Wellington-based PikPok and her own studio, Starcolt.

Peter Curry

peter curry

Peter is a programmer and designer at Dinosaur Polo Club, the studio behind the successful subway game Mini Metro.

Inspired by the strong sense of community found among independent developers in Melbourne and throughout the US, he’s keen to help grow the local industry. He started developing video games professionally at Wellington studio Sidhe Interactive, and since then has been working on independent games for almost a decade.

Robert Curry

robert curry

Robert is studio manager at Dinosaur Polo Club, the creators of Mini Metro. He has a range of industry experience, cutting his teeth as a programmer at Wellington studio Sidhe Interactive before going indie, going bust, and going indie again.

An avid gamer in his spare time, Robert volunteers with other video game festivals and organised several gaming conventions in the Wellington region.

claire barilla

Claire is a game developer from Wellington, New Zealand and is the Producer for Loveshack Entertainment, with her most recent release being the FRAMED Collection. Previously a Play by Play speaker, she has also delivered talks at GDC, NZGDC and PAX.

She has been recognised for her work in the industry by being listed on the Women in Games list, and the 30 Under 30 List for consecutive years, most recently being nominated for the Trailblazer Award.

Claire is no stranger to event organization, having curated speakers for NZGDC, run PAX booths, organized networking events and volunteered at GCAP for the past 3 years. She also has the world’s largest collection of dog gifs.

josh boggs

Joshua Boggs is a multi award-winning designer, and co-founder / director of Loveshack (creator of FRAMED & FRAMED 2). Josh cut his teeth in the industry years ago at EA, and has also worked with Apple where he has assisted them in bringing game demos to life on stage at WWDC.

Josh has returned to home waters, and is currently planning the next big thing.