submissions are now open and will close on 30 April 2024

Our goal is to bring together a selection of the finest games produced in New Zealand and Australia - one of which is probably yours! So if you're a Kiwi or an Aussie and have a board game, card game, videogame, alt ctrl game, or any other kind of game that you're proud of, then please let us know about it!

We've assembled a team of judges from various parts of the industry that will be playing each game and forming a pool of finalists. Each finalist game will be featured at the NZ Games Festival exhibition and be eligible for one of our coveted Pav Awards.

Please don't be too Kiwi about it and think your game isn't big enough or good enough - over the last few years we've had some real gems of games come in all sizes.


By submitting your game to the NZ Games Festival, you are agreeing that:

► A person who identifies as a New Zealander or Australian has contributed significantly to your submission.
► Your game has not been a previous finalist in the Play by Play Awards. Submitting a game to NZGF Awards that was not a finalist at the PBP Awards is permitted, as long as your submission has been substantially developed/changed since your last submission.
► Your game is expected to launch within the next 12 months or has already been released. Whilst there is no strict time restriction on released games eligibility, we ask that you consider the spirit of the yearly celebration event.
► You are legally permitted to enter this game; or have written permission from all persons or entities having any rights in the entered game. (If you are a student team, you should check with your teachers first).

so what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and submit your game for The Pavs below!