we'd like to take your photo

Event photography helps us promote NZ Games Festival in future years.

Here’s what it means for you as an attendee.

event photography policy

Please be advised that photographs & video will be taken at NZ Games Festival events (including Level Up, Play by Play, and The Pavs branded events) and may be used for the following purposes:

  • NZGF promotional materials, printed & online (including our website and public social media).
  • NZGF press releases (including on third party news websites).
  • NZGF board documentation.
  • To share with sponsors or venues of the specific event the photo was taken at, so they may use it to promote their relationship with NZGF in promotional materials (printed & online, including their website & public social media).

We will not store, use, or share any imagery/video we identify as derogatory or defamatory, or use any imagery/video in a derogatory or defamatory way. Imagery/video will not be taken in designated “Quiet Areas”.

By attending NZGF associated events, you grant your consent for any NZGF-contracted photography/video of you to be used for the above purposes.

what to do if you don’t like being in a photo or video

You can withdraw consent for this or request the removal of any specific imagery/video of you or your children by informing the photographer/videographer at the time of the event or emailing a request to info@nzgamesfest.co.nz at any time.

We may ask for further details to help us identify you. Please note that while we will do our best to remove already published imagery/video, we will not always be able to do so (e.g. printed materials, items published by third parties, etc).