we're on the look out for talented media folk!

If you represent an outlet, big or small and love artisanal, eclectic, and bespoke content, then NZ Games Festival is for you! The festival has so many amazing events going on, there will never be a dull moment.

here are the deets!

NZGF will take place in Wellington from 20-26 April 2020. Media of all disciplines or experience levels are welcome – students, hobbyists and professionals alike.

Our events include:

Level Up Exhibition

Our week-long games exhibition showcases the cream of the crop from the past year of NZ & Aus game development.

Level Up Workshops

Lesson in game development for local kids, from local devs!

Play by Play

Our industry conference for game developers, hobbyists and those interested in the sector.

The Pavs

Every year, NZGF runs The Pavs as a celebration of NZ and Australia’s best and boldest game development achievements.

NZGF Micro Events

– Careers Night
– Super Quiz Bros – Pub Quiz Night
– Character Select – A Cosplay Event
– PLATFORMER Diverse Artists Showcase
– Tabletop Gaming events like Roll Initiative
– Wellingtaru X NZGF: Overcooked Tournament

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Media applications will be opening soon! Please use our Contact Form if you’d like to be notified when they go live.