the pavs are nz and australia's own
cake cabinet of excellence in game development

Every year, NZGF runs The Pavs as a celebration of ANZ’s best and boldest game development achievements. From digital to tabletop, we aim to the put a spotlight on local games that have gone the extra mile to immerse, entertain and tantalise. The Pavs finalists go in the running for a coveted trophy and are featured in NZGF’s week-long games exhibition.

Of course, any event named after a dessert wouldn’t be complete without a selection of tongue-in-cheek award titles and a cheeky few at our official ceremony.

The Pavs (193 of 206)

submissions are open for the pavs 2021

Our goal is to bring together a selection of the finest games produced in New Zealand and Australia - one of which is probably yours! So if you're a Kiwi or an Aussie and have a board game, card game, videogame, alt ctrl game, or any other kind of game that you're proud of, then please let us know about it!

We've assembled a team of judges from various parts of the industry that will be playing each game and forming a pool of finalists. Each finalist game will be featured at the NZ Games Festival exhibition and be eligible for one of our coveted Pav Awards.

Please don't be too Kiwi about it and think your game isn't big enough or good enough - over the last few years we've had some real gems of games come in all sizes.

award categories

The ‘Slice of Heaven’ Grand Prize

The Guest Plate

The Student’s Slice

The Composed Segment: Excellence in Audio

The Decorative Piece: Excellence in Visual Art

The Perfect Recipe: Excellence in Design

The Poetic Serving: Excellence in Narrative

The Diverse Delight: Excellence in Representation

The Tactile Taste: Excellence in Physical Games

Te Maunga Kai Kapua (Teina): Industry Rising Star

► Te Maunga Kai Kapua (Tuakana): Industry Pillar

The Pavs (147 of 206)

past winners

The Pavs have been running since 2016 – when they were known as the Play by Play awards.

Throughout the years there’s been amazingly tight competition and fantastic entrants.

We’d like to continue to showcase those games – click through below to see winners from previous years.

The Pavs: NZ Game Awards judging is carried out independently from the festival committee. Please read our full transparency statement for an explanation of our judging processes.