Apply to be part of the NZ Games Festival 2022 Committee

NZ Games Festival is gearing up to host its 6th year of celebrating our love of games, but our small team of party-parrot wielding champions is a few wings short.

This year, some of our long-standing committee members who have helped to grow and shape NZGF (thank you for all of your work, friends!) are ready to pass the torch onto a new, enthusiastic bunch of caring people. If you’ve ever wanted to get involved with the little festival that could, now’s your chance!

Joining our committee is a great way to build your skills, make connections in the industry, and give back to the Wellington and Aotearoa game development community, and we’d be stoked to have you! Aside from the personal growth and warm fuzzies that come with volunteering, we offer all our committee members free Play by Play All Access passes, entry to our private Friends of the Festival networking event, complimentary merch, and can act as a referee for things like job and visa applications.

We value diversity and want to see our festival team represent the wide variety of people among our attendees, and encourage women, LGBTQ+ community members, disabled people, Māori and Pasifika people, folks with transferable skills from outside the games industry, and anyone with a unique background to apply. Most festival roles can be completed remotely, so feel free to apply wherever you are in NZ, and we’ll see you in Wellington for the festival week.

The deadline for applications is 8pm on Sunday, September 12th, 2021, and we’re happy to field any questions through

These are the roles we're looking for

Being a board member for NZ Games Festival is an important role within our games community. NZGF board members are responsible for carrying forth the vision of NZ Games Festival as a vibrant and inclusive celebration of the games industry, with a particular focus on education and community. 

The role of a board member is to help project manage NZ Games Festival, keeping the festival’s values and longevity in mind when making decisions. Additionally, the board is there to support our team of wonderful committee members; providing everyone with clear direction, resources, and regular communication. Board members will continue to refine festival practices, write policies where needed, monitor finances, and handle large scale decisions around content, people, direction, and conduct. 

Key skills can include:

  • Experience in collaborative and supportive leadership 
  • Project management/production experience
  • Organisation and communication skills
  • Business operations and/or accounting experience
  • The ability to work well with lots of different types of personalities

Responsibilities include:

  • Setting the framework for the content of NZ Games Festival, taking into account the festival’s financial position long-term, the work required by our committee members, and making sure all decisions align with the values and brand of the festival
  • Establishing the annual goals for NZ Games Festival
  • Producing the upcoming NZ Games Festival and managing our team of committee members and their workloads
  • Sustainably managing our festival finances 
  • Providing direction and decision making around events included within NZ Games Festival 
  • Working with our Creative Director and Conference Manager to determine annual conference and festival themes and assisting with decision making around keynote speakers
  • Updating and/or creating policies as needed, including making any necessary amendments to the Code of Conduct, and monitoring the conduct of festival volunteers and attendees 
  • Helping to manage the business relationships of the festival 
  • Providing people and culture support and conflict resolution where needed
  • Assisting the committee with decision making

Are you a person of the people? A regular in your channels of choice? Up with the play on the NZ & Aus streamer scene? In that case, we’d love your help! 

Our aim for NZ Games Festival has been to celebrate games and bring them to a variety of audiences. As the Committee Outreach Manager, you’ll be helping to reach groups that we haven’t already connected with, and providing long form content to engage our existing community. We’re stoked to hear your ideas for campaigns and are excited for the new point of view that you’ll be bringing to the team. 

Key skills can include:

  • Solid creative writing ability
  • Professional communication skills 
  • Organisational skills 
  • Knowledge of the ANZ games community, its creators and spaces 
  • Strong networking and interpersonal skills 

Responsibilities include:

  • Representing the festival in appropriate communities – Facebook groups, Discord servers, Slack channels, etc.
  • Coordinating with the Creative Director on audience/community growth & appropriate channels for different marketing messages
  • Identifying & reaching out to online communities or creators to work with for promotion to specific target audiences
  • Developing PR campaigns and media relations strategies
  • Managing relationships with external marketing and media contacts 
  • Working with the Sponsorship Manager to ensure sponsor marketing obligations are met
  • Working with the Creative Director to ensure brand messaging is consistent
  • Collaborating with Event Managers and Media Team to ensure public information is clear, consistent and punctual
  • Addressing inquiries from the media and the public

NZGF loves the events we host during Festival week each year, and we pride ourselves on being able to reach so many corners of the gaming community. Our fantastic Event Managers are the key to creating so many of our great experiences each year. 

As an Event Manager, you’ll be responsible for two events. You’ll be supported by the Venue Manager who will help you find a great venue that meets your needs, and our Media Team to make sure people show up! You’ll get to flex your organisational muscles as you plan out your event from start to finish, and work with Volunteers to help you set up, execute, and pack down your events. You’ll also get to work with the rest of the Event Managers to acquire and share any supplies or decorations, and help inspire each other with ideas (though, as any good game dev knows, we’ll be sure to keep it within a reasonable scope). This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to try their hand at being behind the scenes of a games event.

Key skills can include:

  • Strong organisational and planning abilities
  • Ability to work within a budget
  • Communication and collaboration experience
  • Leadership skills

Responsibilities include:

  • Taking ownership over 2 assigned festival events
  • Drafting preliminary event budgets for assessment by the Treasurer
  • Working with the Venue Manager to find a venue that meets the event’s needs
  • Working with the Treasurer to ensure that your event expenses stay within its budget
  • Working with the Volunteer manager to establish volunteer need and update the Volunteer Handbook
  • Ensuring event details are made accessible to Media Team and Community Outreach Manager on time and to-brief
  • Ensuring each event is compliant with NZGF’s Safe Space Policy and Code of Conduct 
  • Helping the Media Team to promote and market your events
  • Setting up ticketing and registration of events on LilRegie/Eventbrite
  • Identifying and source event resources within budget (ie. event decoration, prize pools)

We are proud to host the Level Up Exhibition every year to showcase Aotearoa based developers and Kiwi-made games. The Exhibition manager is a great role that combines creativity and communication with a dash of leadership. 

You’ll ease into the role by doing research on how museums and exhibitions provoke engagement and a unified experience, create some early floor plan drafts, and gather equipment and decorations. Once the Pavs nominees have been selected, you’ll spring into action, creating the floor plan final draft and working with the Media team to create signage and the Volunteer Manager to staff the exhibition. From there, it’s all about organising and executing the set up, the exhibition itself, and the load out of the event. It’s a great role for event organisers who have a love for museums and galleries. 

An important note: this role will require the committee member to be available in Wellington during the weekend before the Exhibition begins (Saturday and Sunday) for load in, and available during some work hours during the Exhibition week (Monday-Sunday) to assist with the exhibition and support volunteers. 

Key skills can include:

  • Strong organisational and planning abilities
  • Ability to work within a budget
  • Understanding of/interest in exhibit design and/or experience design
  • Communication and collaboration experience
  • Leadership skills

Responsibilities include:

  • Taking ownership of the Level Up Exhibition, planning the event space and experience
  • Developing the exhibition layout and overall design of the space with oversight from the Creative Director
  • Liaising with our Sponsorship Director who will pass on sponsor details when required in order to meet their needs within the event and venue
  • Communicating with Judging Manager about the needs around the games nominate for the Pavs that will be available at the exhibition 
  • Liaising with the Media Team for printed material & exhibition promotion
  • Briefing the Volunteer Manager on volunteer requirements and responsibilities
  • Setting up the exhibition with the help of assigned volunteers.
  • Organising, budgeting and running any pop-up events in the exhibition. 
  • Coordinating with Directors to create a schedule for the exhibition and its volunteers while open

The games that we celebrate at the Pavs are a fantastic way to honour New Zealand’s games industry, and this event is able to happen, in no small part, because of our Judging Manager. There are quite a few moving pieces, and, to help support our current Judging Manager, we’re introducing the new role of the Judging Coordinator. In this role, you will work alongside the Judging Manager to select and organise a dedicated ensemble of judges and jury, liaise with the game creators, and keep great communication with a variety of committee members. 

This year will be the last year for our current Judging Manager, and so the intention would be to support you in learning the ins and outs of Judging Management so you are able to take on the role the following year (and be supported by a new Judging Coordinator).

An final important note: the Judging Coordinator may not have a game that is being submitted to the Pavs to eliminate any conflicts of interest. 

Key skills can include:

  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Clear and motivating communication skills
  • A level head for potentially difficult decisions
  • Familiarity with Spreadsheets

Responsibilities include:

  • Selecting judges and collect info for the website and presentation (short bio, headshot 500x500px, name, title, organisation)
  • Organising the judging system and spreadsheets
  • Working with directors to create a public transparency statement of how judging is being carried out
  • Coordinating with the Media Team for the callout for game submissions and community award nominations
  • Communicating with nominees for game and community awards as required
  • Testing games for functionality
  • Coordinating judging process for finalists and award winners
  • Passing on required assets and information to the Media Team and Exhibition Manager once the judges have selected finalists
  • Liaising with the Conference Director and Pavs Event Manager regarding conference and Pavs tickets for judges and finalists

Our Media team has steadily grown to include five talented people, and we’re ready to bring it a bit more structured organization by introducing a Media Producer. In this role, you’ll provide extra support to the team through the creation of a media schedule, following up with the Media team and committee running events about Media related tasks, and providing additional aid to the Creative Director when needed/possible. This is a great entry level opportunity for someone looking to sharpen their production skills.

Key skills can include:

  • Excellent planning and organisational skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Understanding of media pipelines
  • Solid critical thinking abilities

Responsibilities include:

  • Draft schedule of media milestones based on the one from previous years, seeking input from other committee members
  • Plan what tasks need to be done each sprint and run sprint meetings so media team knows what their priorities for the sprint are
  • Ensure tasks are logged in Clickup and liaise with other committee members to ensure the task briefs have been filled out before the media team need them
  • Work with the Creative Director to identify potential areas of stress or blockages and help to find a better path
  • Help to ensure clear communication with committee members when media schedules need to change
  • Keep an eye out for slipping deadlines & bring in our backup resource to get things back on track before it snowballs

Our main lines of connection to our community is through our social media channels, and our Social Media Managers have had fun getting to create delightful and cozy posts to reach a variety of audiences. As the Social Media Manager, you are one of our main voices that promote our events and build up the hype as the festival approaches. You will collaborate with not only the Creative Director and Media Designer to structure and plan out campaigns, but brainstorm with all of the committee running events. We’re excited to hear your creative ideas on how to share our enthusiasm for NZ Games Festival 2022.

Key skills can include:

  • Excellent copywriting
  • Expert attention to detail
  • A good sense of humour/strong gif game
  • Experience communicating in a team and with an audience
  • Experience with different social media platforms and creation tools (e.g. Canva) 

Responsibilities include:

  • Taking ownership of the festival’s social media platforms, in priority order:
    • Twitter
    • Mailchimp
    • Facebook 
    • Instagram
    • Youtube
    • Twitch 
  • Planning out the next month’s announcement posts based on the Media Timeline and schedule them to automatically go live in Canva
  • Determining what social graphics are needed for next month’s announcement posts and:
    • Brief Media Designer to create Important or bulk-produced social graphics
    • Use Canva templates to create standard social media graphics
  • Using the last month’s announcement posts as a base for our monthly Mailchimp newsletter about the latest Festival updates.
  • Responding to basic queries via social media and pass on more specific queries to the Community Outreach Manager.
  • Planning and running paid social media marketing campaigns (eg Facebook ads), with guidance from the Creative Director

The Sponsorship Manager has the wonderful role of forging rewarding and strong relationships with local and international businesses. By helping these businesses meet their goals, be it by providing them with an opportunity to support their local community or by connecting people with New Zealand game developers, the Sponsorship Manager secures the funding needed to help power NZ Games Festival. During your time in this role you’ll help to shape the sponsorship prospectus for the coming year, connect with people from businesses all around the world, and will keep our Treasurer and other board members up-to-speed on incoming funds. 

Our current Sponsorship Manager, Chantelle Cole, is more than happy to work with you over the coming months for as long as needed to enable you to feel comfortable in this role. She’ll assist in your onboarding, will connect you with our previous supporters, will provide you with a treasure-trove of documentation to help you in your role, and will continue to remain available across the year should you need any support, or just a bouncing-board. 

Key skills can include:

  • Strong communication and people skills
  • Excellence in organisation
  • Experience managing business relationships 
  • Experience in sponsorship 
  • Experience in finance
  • Tenacity and creativity 
  • The ability to align the business goals of others with the right festival events


  • Forming connections with previous and prospective sponsors alike
  • Determining any necessary amendments to the sponsorship prospectus and working with our Media team to update it for the coming year
  • Managing the transfer of business relationships from board or committee members as needed
  • Liaising with sponsors, the board, and our committee members to ensure our obligations to sponsors and their goals are met
  • Executing sponsor contracts and providing Treasury with the details necessary for invoicing
  • Regularly touching base with Treasury about funding availability so they can adjust budgets accordingly
  • Providing our Media team with visual assets and the details needed to ensure each sponsors promotional obligations are met
  • Maintaining thorough documentation 
  • Liasing with the Media team around any additional media coverage that might be possible through help from our sponsors

If you’ve ever loved being the banker in Monopoly, wow do we have a role for you! The Treasurer is one of our Board roles and sets their main focus on helping our festival stay within its budget and making sure our taxes are paid on time. As part of this role, you’ll help do some number-mancy to establish a budget for each event of the festival, help us to establish good spending boundaries to support our tool costs, and make sure our accounts stay balanced. We also understand that it’s dangerous to go alone, and so you’ll be supported by past Treasurers and have a handy guide that breaks the role down into bite sized pieces. This is a fulfilling role that allows you to give back to the festival and the community. 

Also important to note: this is also a board position and the Treasurer will be considered the expert on all financial matters and may be a part of any board decisions that are needed by the committee. 

Key skills can include:

  • Business operations and/or accounting experience
  • Organisation and communication skills
  • Experience in collaborative and supportive leadership 
  • Production experience
  • The ability to work well with lots of different types of personalities

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining the upkeep of all NZGF accounts
  • Working with the Sponsorship Manager to create an attractive Sponsorship Prospectus
  • Setting appropriate budgets for all events and use this to determine venue costs
  • Handling the payment of all invoices, reconciling of accounts, and liaising with accountants
  • Organising reimbursements
  • Filing all taxes
  • Regularly touching base with the Sponsorship Director about funding availability and adjust budgets accordingly

Location, location, location is the name of the game for our Venue Manager. All of our fantastic events need a venue and in this role, you’ll help our committee hunt for and secure venues that work within their budgets. You’ll have the opportunity to research potential event sites around Wellington, and assist with communications between committee members running events and venue owners/reps. You may also get to give the odd guided tour of venues for out of town event runners and practice your negotiation skills. 

An important thing to note: this role will also require the applicant to be located in Wellington as they will be required to visit venues and have face to face conversations with venue staff. Some knowledge of venues around Wellington is a bonus, however this is a great chance to find some hidden gems within the capital city. 

Key skills can include:

  • Excellent communication, especially via phone call and in person
  • Creative negotiation skills
  • Familiarity with working within a budget
  • Strong research abilities
  • Knowledge of Wellington Venues

Responsibilities include:

  • Liaising with event organisers to understand their venue needs
  • Finding appropriate venues for each event, negotiate competitive pricing, check for AV requirements, and finalise all venue bookings
  • Assisting with communication between committee running events and venue staff
  • Working with the Treasurer to accommodate budget needs
  • Liaising with Creative Director & Exhibition Manager to organise on-site Merch payment method e.g. hiring EFTPOS machine
  • Where possible, pre-booking venues for our larger main events two years out

It’s a complete joy to bring game development to new audiences, and the Workshop Manager is the catalyst for both children and adults to learn how to make games. As the Workshop Manager, you’ll recruit and support talented game developers to build age appropriate workshops that will engage, inspire, and provide skills for their attendees to take home and expand on. Communication will be key as you’ll be working with a variety of groups including presenters, venue staff, the media team, and volunteers.

It’s important to also note that this role will require the Workshop Manager to be available during working hours for up to two days during the festival to help run the kids workshops. 

Key skills can include:

  • Ideation of potential workshops 
  • Connections to assemble your group of presenters
  • Understanding of good workshop construction, especially for younger audiences
  • Solid communication skills 
  • Organisational and scheduling skills 

Responsibilities include:

  • Brainstorming potential workshop ideas.
  • Shoulder-tapping a diverse range of potential workshop instructors for both children focused and adult focused workshops.
  • Reaching out to and communicate with venue
  • Communicating with the Media Team on how to promote and best get the message out around workshops, and helping create a promotional plan and workshop calendar
  • Collaborate with the workshop presenters to ensure they are well equipped for their audiences age range
  • Preparing copy for workshops, as well as organising teacher bios/information for partners and attendees to view
  • Coordinating with the Sponsorship Director and Events manager to ensure any sponsors workshops take place
  • Communicating with teachers/instructors and making sure reasonable needs are met
  • Ensuring needed record checks for all adults are completed well before the event commences 
  • Creating and overseeing signups, communicate if workshops are nearing capacity
  • Overseeing execution of the workshop week during the NZ Games Festival
  • Liaising with the Volunteer Coordinator to ensure there are enough volunteers for each workshop

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