Kia ora!

Every year at NZ Games Festival, we try our best to ensure our festival events are as diverse as possible. Part of this means providing a platform to groups who may be underrepresented or less often afforded the same opportunities as others.

In 2017, we ran Wavelength – a spotlight on ANZ women and non-binary game artists.

This year, we’re proud to announce a trans and non-binary art exhibition as part of our games showcase. Artwork produced by trans and non-binary artists living in New Zealand and Australia will be featured in our free week-long games exhibition, with the aim of creating visibility to some of our most underrepresented and talented artists.

However, to make this happen we need submissions from fantastic artists (perhaps like yourself?).

Please note that we’re a non-profit festival, supporting local talent & diversity. The exhibition is free & our shoestring budget means submissions are unpaid. That said, artists will retain all rights to their work – we’re just providing exhibition space & art won’t be used beyond that.

If you’re interested in having your work displayed before thousands of visitors at NZGF’s exhibition, please apply using the form below!

submit your art for the diverse artists showcase

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