Kia ora!

With Play by Play now being a part of the wider NZ Games Festival banner (did you see our announcement?), we felt it necessary to formalise a set of NZ-based game awards. This is something we’ve been asked about for a number of years, so we’re pleased to say that THE PAVS will be NZ Game Festival’s official annual awards event.

To keep it simple, ‘The Pavs’ are to ‘The Oscars’ what ‘NZ Games Festival Awards’ are to the ‘Academy Awards’, capisce?

We’re changing the awards structure to go back to a more traditional and understandable division of categories, but with the quirky and slightly self-deprecating theme we’ve come to be known and loved for.

award categories for the pavs 2019 are:

  • The ‘Slice of Heaven’ Grand Prize
  • The Guest Plate
  • The Student’s Slice
  • The Composed Segment: Excellence in Audio
  • The Decorative Piece: Excellence in Visual Art
  • The Perfect Recipe: Excellence in Design
  • The Poetic Serving: Excellence in Narrative
  • The Juicy Helping: Excellence in Game Feel
  • The Diverse Delight: Excellence in Representation

Nominations for The Pavs 2019 open January 9 2019, with a deadline of February 15 for NZ-based games and February 1 for our Australian neighbours.

Joshua Boggs is returning to run the The Pavs! You can direct any questions to him via email at or if you enjoy a bit of tweetin’ on the twittersphere, @jboggsie !

We can’t wait to see the incredible games you’ve all made – so submit your game today!



The Play by Play awards are now The Pavs. We have a traditional selection of award categories but maintain the quirks we’ve come to be known for.

Submissions open:

9 January, 2019 Submissions are now open!

Submissions close:

1 February, 2019 (Australian games)
15 February, 2019 (NZ games)

Finalist entries will be included as part of NZ Games Festival’s to-be-announced games exhibition and put before an audience of 2,400+ visitors. 

Questions or queries can be directed to Joshua Boggs at or @jboggsie