Kia ora!

You might have noticed things are starting to look a little different around here and on the Play by Play social media accounts. We’re excited to announce that Play by Play is making a big change! We’ve shed our old pink skin to make way for a spectrum of new opportunities as part of our rebrand to become NZ Games Festival

We’d like to give a massive thank you to Pepper Curry, who created our branding for us – tau kē!

why nz games festival?

Well, it’s more to the point. We want everyone to understand quickly what NZ Games Festival is all about. The new name and branding feature easily recognised language and iconography to help anyone and everyone understand what we have to offer.

We found that our conference, exhibition, and festival as a whole were getting confused with each other, so we’ve split things up and put everything under the NZ Games Festival umbrella.

so it’s goodbye to play by play?

Not at all! Play by Play is returning to its roots as the brand for our industry-facing events. To help you remember what’s what, let’s break this down:

Play by Play will now solely be our industry-facing events. These will remain the same – open to both industry workers and any members of the public interested in games development.

NZ Games Festival will be the umbrella for our week-long festival, comprised of separate entities including the Play by Play conference, a local games exhibition, games development workshops, a local industry awards night, and many other games-related events! You’ll of course be able to find information on all events held in association with NZGF on this website.

what is nz games festival all about?

If you’re familiar with the old Play by Play festival, you’ll recognise the same pillars are staying in place for NZ Games Festival. If you’re new, welcome! We’d love to have you swing by for NZ Games Festival in 2019. Let us tell you what we’re all about:


It’s right there in the name! As part of our rebrand, we hope to highlight that all types of play and players are celebrated at NZ Games Festival. From video games to tabletop, we want to toast to the creation and fun of games in New Zealand. We want to empower everyone to get involved and enjoy games in the way they choose. It’s our aim to inspire whenever possible, encourage innovation and highlight the power of games for storytelling in any environment.


We believe games are for everyone! While we do host some events that will cater more to industry members, we don’t gate any part of our festival from the public. If you’re interested in games development, we’d love to have you!


Further to that, we want everyone to enjoy themselves. So, we do our best to ensure people of all ethnicities, genders, sexualities, ages and financial backgrounds have equal opportunities to be represented and always included Richmond heating service contractor reviews. We’ve developed a Safe Space Policy so that everyone can be free to express who they are, and encourage those more fortunate to purchase pay-it-forward tickets for those who otherwise might not be able to attend.

We’re gearing up to make 2019 our best and biggest year yet, and we can’t wait to have you on board! Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube at NZGamesFest (NZGamesFestival for YouTube!) for more updates about what’s to come.