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Date: Sunday 7th July
Time: 9am – 1pm

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Game Design Using Godot (Age 12+)

Let’s make a game — but make it quick! In this four-hour workshop, we’ll introduce you to the Godot game engine and help you put together a simple two-dimensional platforming game. You’ll learn the basics of the Godot editor, how to create a playable character, movement, and making levels. Think of it as a taster course for game development, using all-free tools and with plenty of resources made available. At the end of the day, you can even take your digital project home to keep building! Aimed at ages 12-18, with no previous programming/game creation knowledge needed.

Your Tutors
Zelle Marcovicci graduated with a Bachelors of Creative Media Production, specializing in video games and other kinds of wobbly interactive technology. In addition to her work with Tūhura Tech, she teaches immersive storytelling, programming and web development to first- and second-year students at Massey University.

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Event Location
James Coe Industrial Design Building
Massey University
Block 11, Mount Cook, Wellington 6011