Congratulations again NZGF Award finalists! Normally the Level Up Exhibition is a celebration of the best of NZ and Australian games from the past year. Due to COVID we want to take this experience online and have it hosted through our Livestream community!


This form is a registration of interest, we want to see if there is enough interest to participate in an event like this livestreaming before confirming the event.

The goal here is to showcase your games to the world and show off the magic, it is not a review but a livestream experience to support exposure and promote ANZ games!

We will likely base the streamer allocated to you based on preferred categories, we cannot promise specific streamers, however if you have specific ANZ streamer you know of we would love to reach out to them. There is a spot below to drop name or contact information. We will have a discussion to support a good match for the stream and support any concerns.

This event is flexible, but we are looking to run it over a two week period somewhere in May-June, with a streamer allocated a day to present their game each evening over that fortnight.

All streams must comply with NZGF code of conduct –

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