Find out how Hyperfibre supports NZ Games Festival and gamers across New Zealand

NZ Games Festival 2021 is right around the corner, and we’re gearing up for our most exciting event yet, including our week-long Level Up Games Exhibition. None of this would be possible without the incredible support of our sponsors, including Chorus and its Hyperfibre network.

As part of their sponsorship, Chorus is supplying Hyperfibre to the Level Up Games Exhibition. This means we’ll have Aotearoa New Zealand’s fastest and most reliable internet running all week long at Courtenay Creative, from April 19 – 25. 

Not only are we excited to use Hyperfibre for ourselves, but we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to demonstrate its potential to gamers of all ages who come through the exhibition. 

With speeds ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 Mbps, Hyperfibre is up to 40 times faster than the average New Zealand broadband speed. This is a big deal for gamers, whether you play online or alone.

Major AAA game releases are growing in size, and with the arrival of 5th generation consoles, they’re only going to get bigger. For example, the complete Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on Xbox Series X sits at a whopping 190 GB (more on PS5 and PC). While this might take over half an hour to download on a regular fibre connection, Hyperfibre speeds could have all 190 GB downloaded in just 8 minutes, so you can be among the first to enjoy the latest releases.

Click here to go in the draw to win a gaming laptop and a $200 Steam voucher from Chorus
Click the image to go in the draw to win a gaming laptop and a $200 Steam voucher from Chorus.

When playing online with Hyperfibre, bandwidth and latency issues are a thing of the past, even if there’s lots of traffic on your local network. You can stream 4K film, download major game patches or broadcast games online, all at the same time and without any loss of speed or quality 

Chorus saw an 18% spike in peak traffic in March 2021, their second highest ever network peak. This followed a major Call of Duty patch during the height of cricket season, showing just how much New Zealand’s appetite for data consumption is growing — with gamers at the heart of it.

The benefits of Hyperfibre are also super exciting for our game development industry. With developers often relying on source control software, they’re constantly uploading and downloading huge amounts of data. 

On top of this, frequent updates to engines or modelling software, running online collaboration tools, and streaming video resources can all take a massive chunk out of a studio’s bandwidth and time. Lastly, a stable and fast internet connection is crucial for developers uploading titles and patches to avoid delays and disruptions.

Thanks to Hyperfibre’s dramatically increased and symmetric upload and download speeds, as well as high traffic bandwidth options, these can easily become concerns of the past.

With Hyperfibre now available in over 80% of New Zealand, developers and gamers across the country can live, work and play faster and better than ever before. 

NZ Games Festival is thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase Hyperfibre at the Level Up Games Exhibition and show just how much potential Aotearoa’s internet has for gamers and game developers alike.

To learn more about Hyperfibre, visit the Chorus website today.

A big kiwi thank you to Chorus, InternetNZ, Southeast Asia CAPE, Dry Cactus, Miramar Creative, NZGDA and Playtech for sponsoring NZ Games Festival.