Welcome to The Pavs 2020 Jury Voting form.

The vote counting methos used is Instant Runoff voting, also known as Ranked-Choice Voting. In the indicated spaces below, please list the finalists in order of excellence. First Game should be the game you believe should receieve the award, Second would be the game you believe is runner up, and so on.

One form/submission per award category. Please fill out the entire form below, Thanks!

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    Slice of Heaven: Grand PrizeThe Student’s SliceThe Composed Segment: Excellence in AudioThe Decorative Piece: Excellence in Visual ArtThe Perfect Recipe: Excellence in DesignThe Poetic Serving: Excellence in NarrativeThe Diverse Delight: Excellence in RepresentationThe Guest PlateThe Tactile Taste: Excellence in Physical GamesExcellence in Accessibility

    Please use the exact name of the game!