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As part of our free, annual games exhibition, Level Up invites Māori and Pasifika artists in Aotearoa and Australia to submit their games-related work for showcase alongside the games on display.

Whether you're working in games or not, we want to highlight your work and provide a platform for you to shine. The showcase will feature two categories: artists working in or towards the game industry and one for games fanart from non-industry artists.

Existing works are welcome – you don't need to create a new piece specifically for the exhibition, though if you’d like to, you are most welcome. Chosen games art & fanart submissions will be featured in the Platformer exhibit at the Level Up exhibition. This week-long exhibition is free to attend, and open to the public!

frequently asked questions

  • Will I get paid/compensated?
    We are a grassroots festival, not run for profit and entirely organised by volunteers. Once exhibition production costs have been met, we will explore splitting any remaining Platformer sponsorship funds amongst our artists as koha, however we cannot guarantee compensation. 
  • What format should my submission be?
    You should submit your art in CMYK format and (preferably) at least 150DPI. JPG, PDF and TIFF files are all welcome – no PNG or BMPs please!
  • Will all the artworks I submit be put on exhibition?
    Not necessarily. Following the submission period, all the artworks we receive will go through a curation process to create a cohesive showcase that fits the Level Up exhibition space. In the case that we receive a high number of submissions, some may not end up on display as we only have so much room. We’ll inform you after curation on the outcome – however, if you don’t make it into the final exhibition, please don’t take it personally! 
  • I don’t live in NZ, can I still apply?
    While NZGF’s focus is primarily on the games scene in Aotearoa, we’re also open to hearing from our neighbours across the ditch. As long as you live in Australasia and are of Māori or Pasifika descent, you are more than welcome to submit art for Platformer. 
  • Is fan art allowed?
    Yes! As long as your fanart is of a game (video or tabletop) and follows the requirements below, we’d love to hear from you, whether the artwork is an old favourite or something made just to fit the NZGF annual theme.
  • What if I don’t know my Iwi/Hapu?
    That’s okay – everyone’s cultural journey is different and all are equally valid. We’ve left the field for Iwi/Hapu optional in case you don’t know or aren’t quite sure.
  • Do I have to be studying or working in games?
    Not at all! We welcome submissions from everyone, regardless of whether you’re studying game design, working independently or in a studio, or just really love games. Whether it’s a sprite sheet, concept art, environment design or a full illustration, we want to see it all!
  • Do I retain the rights to my art?
    Yes! All Platformer does is provide a platform (heh) to showcase the amazing work of marginalised artists in games-related fields. Like the Level Up exhibition, Platformer is a free event – you retain all the rights to your work, and we will not be selling any of the art on showcase.
  • How will my art be displayed?
    All artworks that make it through curation will be printed on high quality stock and displayed with your name and social media handle/s alongside the finalists in the Level Up exhibition. If you’re local, you can collect your artwork after the exhibition ends or have someone collect it on your behalf – otherwise, you can let us know how you’d like us to take care of it afterwards.
  • Is there anything I can’t enter?
    As with the rest of our events, NZ Games Fest has a strict safe space policy, and Platformer (like Level Up) is a family-friendly event. It is at the discretion of the Platformer manager to disqualify any entries containing explicit artwork including depictions of sexual violence, extreme gore, or body horror. Content that violates the NZ Games Festival inclusive policy or depicts ableist, racist, sexist, homophobic, ageist, classist, or similar is at the Platformer manager’s discretion for disqualficiation.

submit your art

Artwork submissions are open now, and close 11.59pm, 21 March 2021.

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