submissions are now open and will close on 29th November 2020

Our goal is to bring together a selection of the finest games produced in New Zealand and Australia - one of which is probably yours! So if you're a Kiwi or an Aussie and have a board game, card game, videogame, alt ctrl game, or any other kind of game that you're proud of, then please let us know about it!

We've assembled a team of judges from various parts of the industry that will be playing each game and forming a pool of finalists. Each finalist game will be featured at the NZ Games Festival exhibition and be eligible for one of our coveted Pav Awards.

Please don't be too Kiwi about it and think your game isn't big enough or good enough - over the last few years we've had some real gems of games come in all sizes.

how to submit

  1. Please read the Eligibility, Rules, and User Agreement
  2. Add all information to the forms below
  3. On November 29th all information and all submissions are final, please make sure all links are valid until April 24th 2021.
  4. Please double check that the information is correct and all links work

Please see Pav Awards Transparency and Process Page for the Pav Awards information and schedule.

so what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and submit your game for The Pav Awards below!

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    Additional Game Media Link
    Please include any trailers or footage we can use for finalist reels should your game be chosen (1080p resolution or higher), and if applicable, any how-to-play video links you may have to help the judging process

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    exhibition information

    If you would like your game to be considered for inclusion in the Level Up Exhibition please fill out the following information. You will be contacted in advance if your game is selected, and will have the opportunity to supply an exhibition build (no later than February). This build must have a time-out function that returns the game to the start menu if it is idle for ~5 minutes.

    Bio for the Studio, team, or dev

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    Setup instructions
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    What is your game synopsis?
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    What is the objective of your game?
    What you'd tell a total newbie to your game to try and do when they first pick up the game, rather than the overarching plot objective – e.g. "make it to the end of the level while grabbing as many coins as possible".
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    What are the controls for your game?
    This is compulsory for exhibition submissions; control instructions are the most commonly requested exhibition feedback we receive.

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    What is your game’s mood?
    e.g. upbeat, reflective, wholesome, powerful, party-fun, mysterious, puzzling, etc. This information is used to help make exhibition curation decisions.

    What hardware does your game require?

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    How many players is your game?

    Are there any takeaways (e.g. brochures, business cards, stickers, etc) you would like to supply for your game? If so, what kind of takeaways are you supplying?

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