We may be a little biased, but we think NZ Games Festival is really something special. Of course, it wouldn’t be the wonderful little festival that could without the time, love, and energy of everyone who’s helped us along the way. Let’s take a moment to say “thank you, and we love you” to everyone who has shaped the Festival over the years.

past directors

Lucy Morris

lucy morris

festival director 2016 - 2019

Lucy was one of the founders of Play by Play five years ago, a small, scrappy event that grew into New Zealand Games Festival! Her wildly creative ideas and desire to bring all people who love games together have informed the festival’s direction for years to come, and her contributions will be sorely missed. 

Lucy stepped down from the board ahead of the 2020 festival to focus on her studio, Starcolt, whose debut title Best Friend Forever launches on February 14. Lucy will long be appreciated as the driving force of Play by Play, and someone who truly embodies the energy and ambition of our festival.

Robert Curry

robert curry

festival director 2016 - 2019

Since day one, Robert, and subsequently Dinosaur Polo Club, have been the festival’s strongest supporters. He and the founding directors worked tirelessly to bring Play by Play to life after growing it to a fully-fledged festival. Robert decided to step back after our 2019 festival, but still continues to support and guide the next generation of NZGF leaders. 

Robert was a dedicated leader for NZGF and will continue to set an example of excellence for the team at Dinosaur Polo Club as he focuses on their latest release. Kia ora, Rob, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Peter Curry

peter curry

festival director 2016 - 2019

While, as a founding director, Peter’s role and work are somewhat hidden, he is responsible for setting up a lot of the vital background infrastructure that the festival relies on. Peter helped lay the essential foundations of NZGF and we couldn’t be where we are today without his support.

Together with Robert, Peter stepped down after our 2019 to focus on Dinosaur Polo Club’s successful strategy simulation game, Mini Motorways. Gone but not forgotten – and still seen popping up here and there – thanks so much for your support, Peter!

joshua boggs

festival director 2019, judging co-ordinator 2018 - 2019

Joshua has been instrumental in shaping The Pavs to be New Zealand’s quintessential games awards. He is a tireless worker, not only founding Studio Mayday but also developing how we as a community celebrate the growing game development scene in New Zealand. Through his efforts, we’re able to showcase just how much we punch above our weight as an industry and a community. 

Following our 2019 festival, Josh stepped back to focus on his studio, Mayday, but continues to be a strong supporter of the festival and help our new team along where needed. Ka pai, Josh!

past committee

Our committee is constantly shifting, growing and changing shape! We’ve had lots of help over the years, and while some of our friends may have moved on, we’ll never forget the incredible contributions they’ve brought to our team.

  • Dr. Hazel Bradshaw (@driedfrog)
    • Workshops Manager 2019
  • Cassandra Gray (@cassjadegray)
    • Volunteer Coordinator 2018, Developer Events Manager 2019
  • Patty Shannon (@Pattyqubed)
    • Events Managers 2019
  • Niamh Fitzgerald (@Niasphinx)
    • Workshops Manager 2018
  • Ryan Langley (@Rlan2)
    • Social Media Manager 2018
  • Calliope Ryder (@callioperyder)
    • Developer Events Manager 2019 – 2020
  • Zea Slosar (@ZeaSlosar)
    • Workshops Manager 2020