want to learn how to dungeon your dragon? it’s time to roll initiative!

Join NZGF and a number of Dungeons Masters (DMs) for a night of roleplay, adventure and education.

At Roll Initiative, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of roleplay, combat and puzzle solving.
  • The ins and outs of your character’s abilities, spells and actions.
  • A lot of the basic terminology you’ll need to understand all that TTRPG gibberish.
  • How to go forth and enjoy your very own games in the future.

Players will run through a short one-shot adventure with an experienced Dungeon Master. In addition, players will receive a pregenerated character sheet with some customisation options and an information pack to help them continue playing after the event.

Online registration to Roll Initiative is free, however you will need to pay for game time upon arrival at Counter Culture. Game time will cost you $10, or $5 if you also buy food.

The events will run on April 23 and 24 from 6pm. Both nights will run the same adventure, so while you’re welcome to attend both events, you may not benefit from it too much!

So, get your friends together, come on down to Counter Culture for a drink and a bite, and get ready to Roll Initiative!



event details

Recommended for ages 18+.

Sessions on Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 April, from 6pm.

You must register before the event to play.

Registration is free, however you will need to buy game time upon arrival at Counter Culture. Game time is $10 or $5 with food (the food is worth it!).


ticket prices

$10, or $5 with purchase of food.

Pay on arrival.



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