learn to make a web-based game using javascript!

An introduction to JavaScript from a GameDev perspective. Starting with a simple 20 line Etch-a-Sketch style program. Students quickly want to change from arrow keys to WASD. Adding a clear command suddenly turns drawing into animation.

More advanced concepts are introduced when the students encounter the problems that they would solve, making them solutions instead of complexities.



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Suitable for ages 10-12+

Wednesday 24 April, 12:30-2:30 pm

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workshop teachers

neil graham

Neil Graham is a game developer who started with Level I BASIC on a TRS-80 a long long time ago.

In the years that followed, Neil has worked on games for desktop PCs, mobile and even a Flight Simulator that required a 2 tonne dongle.

Neil is a keen participant of game jams doing his fist Ludum Dare game “Gribbly War” in 2005 and has since¬†entered enough Jams that he can no longer remember exactly how many games he has made.

Neil has been developing Indie Games under the name Screaming Duck Software developer since 1998.

Website: screamingduck.com