Event Dates and Times
Date: Saturday 6th July
Time: 9am – 11am

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Game Jam with Dan (Age 12+)

You WANT to make a game but don’t know what to make? Don’t fret!
Ideas for games don’t just pop out of thin air. Game designers have tips and tricks up their sleeve for that. In this two-hour Game Design session, industry veteran Dan Milward, who’s been making games in Wellington for over 20 years, will take you through some of his favorite brainstorming techniques in a fun Game Jam-inspired session.
Attendees will learn industry-led techniques for brainstorming game ideas and pitching their ideas to other participants. If you want to level up your creative thinking skills as you start preparing for a career in the games industry, this is for you.

Your Tutor
Dan Milward is the CEO and founder of a game-building platform that enables users to easily create and share digital games.

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Event Location
The James Coe Industrial Design Building
Massey University
Block 11, Mount Cook, Wellington 6011