stretch your creative brain and come up with the most original, fun, and truly amazing knock-your-socks-off game ideas!

This non-digital workshop focuses on physical and/or paper-based/tabletop games. Digital technologies can be incorporated into your game concept, but all the plans and prototypes that you create will be made of paper.

Working in small teams, your challenge will be to devise a game based around a specific place in Wellington. You’ll practice pitching your ideas to other people, and learn to get feedback that helps you improve your game idea. We’ll provide lots of paper, pens, cardboard, and other stuff to help you start creating a rapid prototype or model of your game.

At the end of the workshop you’ll showcase your game to a group of game design experts who’ll give you feedback and tips for taking your game design further.



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Suitable for ages 9-10

Tuesday 23 April, 9:30-11:30 am

Register for $10



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workshop teachers

dan milward

Dan’s superpower is to combine game industry practice with curriculum outcomes to make learning engaging, applied and irresistible to young people.

With over 20 years of combined industry experience Dan and his team have built Gamefroot, an online platform that steps kids through making and building their own games and simulations.

Most recently Dan and his team have launched Game Dev Club, a new Digital Technologies Curriculum aligned After School Program where kids (and their teachers) learn through the process of making a video game over the period of a school term.

rachel bolstad

Rachel Bolstad is an educational researcher, facilitator, and co-founder of Gameful Praxis. Rachel favours a playful, imaginative, and low-tech approach to game ideation, and encourages groups to collide their ideas to create explosions of awesomeness.  Rachel loves building things from cardboard and other found materials. She blogs on and