create a simple augmented/virtual reality game!

Mixiply lets you create interactive games and experiences using an in-browser JavaScript editor. In this session you will use this tool to create a game where you throw rubber ducks at a piñata until it breaks! You’ll cover creating and editing a mix using JavaScript as well as importing a 3D model to use in the game.



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Suitable for ages 12+

Friday 26 April, 12:30-2:30 pm

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jim taylor

Jim manages the Innovation Lab at Theta. This means he gets to work on all sorts of tech, with others who love doing cool things with tech – including the MiniDevs from Newlands Intermediate.

In 2018 Theta and the MiniDevs developed Mixiply, a platform for making and sharing AR/VR games and apps for multiple devices, and staged a Minecraft/Mixiply hackathon at Microsoft for Newlands’ EOTC week.

Jim lives in Paraparaumu with his wife, 2 kids, 2 cats and 4 chickens, and likes playing tower defence games like Bloons Monkey City – his 10 year old son gives him strategy advice. He’s also a fan of Exploding Kittens.

ryan sumner

Born in Shrewsbury, England, Ryan migrated to New Zealand 10 years ago. With a strong interest in mathematics and programming, he completed a BSc in Computer Science from Massey University in Auckland.

Playing computer games in his free time, he garnered an interest in how to make make them. This led him to complete a Master’s degree in Computer Graphics from Victoria University of Wellington, which also had a focus on the emerging technology of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. After which, Ryan worked on a number of different AR/VR projects.

More recently, he’s joined the innovations team at Theta Systems Ltd, developing a multi-platform VR/AR application called Mixiply.

Website: www.theta.co.nz
Website: mixiply.co.nz