Every year at NZ Games Festival, we try our best to ensure our festival events are as diverse as possible. Part of this means providing a platform to groups who may be underrepresented or less often afforded the same opportunities as others.

In 2017, we ran Wavelength – a spotlight on ANZ women and non-binary game artists.

This year, we’re proud to announce a trans and non-binary art exhibition as part of our games showcase. Artwork produced by trans and non-binary artists living in New Zealand and Australia will be featured in our free week-long games exhibition, with the aim of creating visibility to some of our most underrepresented and talented artists.

Find out more about the artists featured in this year’s showcase below!

bronwyn woodhead

URL: artstation.com/bronwyn_woodhead
Twitter: @aliteralbranch
IG: @aliteral.branch.doesart

Hi! My name’s Bronwyn but most people call me Branch! I’m currently studying concept design and 3D animation. I’ve always had a big interest in video games, animation, and anything fantasy related. I’m a big fan of Overwatch, Castlevania, and Dungeons and Dragons in particular.

liliana cahill

URL: vilecomic.com

The Illustrated novel series ‘Vile’ represents to me the culmination of many years of game design, world building and personal experience. What started as a simple farming game has grown over the last decade into a story that I feel needs to be told. The presentation of the writing has been greatly informed by my passion for game development, with an A4 page of pixel art accompanying every entry, as well as a fairly simple website designed to present the work.

jack blair

Twitter: @toyourstations

Jack is a nonbinary pixel artist based in Dunedin New Zealand. They transitioned from traditional art to pixel art after developing arthritis-like symptoms that don’t allow them to hold a pen. They are working on several long term projects, including Twine games that host their own art, and novels focused on queer young people in unexpected positions of power. They are also in the process of developing a tabletop RPG centered around space piracy.

t-dog extreme

Twitter: @tdogextreme
IG: @tdogextreme

T-Dog eXtreme is a non-binary game designer, illustrator, and legend. They’ve recently released a 1920s looking game called ‘Symposium of Grief,’ but after 2-hour long midnight google search, they realised that the style they’ve been looking for all along is called’ vaporwave’. Look out for some dang T-Dog vaporwave in the future and the present.

kawhia mae

IG: @hobgobson

Hello! I am Kāwhia, a non-binary animation student, with no preference for pronouns. I love art of ALL kinds, so I enjoy working with multiple medias, with a focus on storytelling and character. I am interested in exploring the world of fae, and want to expand my own perceptions and create art that communicates clearly, but twists and takes from our own reality to create something interesting. Some of my inspirations include E.H. Shepard, Brian Froud, Eyvind Earle, Mary Blair, Hayao Miyazaki, Cicely Mary Barker, Inga Moore, Vincent Van Gogh and many more!

Animation is a powerful art form that can speak to those of all ages, so I plan to pursue it in New Zealand and hope to see more young artists like myself working together to create new, empowering works of art that represents everybody under the spectrum of life on Earth, including the earth itself.

nixon garcia

kezia tubbs

URL: http://thekingkez.com/

Kez is an illustrator and story teller based in Wellington.

krystal cook

IG: @kookydrawsthings

I’m a 24yo genderfluid artist living in Wellington. I love to draw fanart especially for the mobile game Love Live School Idol Festival. I love simulation and building games, my favourites are Animal Crossing New Leaf, Stardew Valley and Love Nikki!

tim wilde

Twitter: @timothywilde
IG: @jackalsalad

Tim is a freelance illustrator based in Auckland with a particular interest in character art, cute dogs and being gay as hell.