Kia ora! NZ Games Festival is looking for volunteers to contribute to the atmosphere of our events, ensure the best experience for our guests, and make the NZ Games Festival the greatest it can be!
We're looking for people with enthusiasm. Friendly and approachable individuals who can use intuition while working autonomously to ensure the best experience for everyone involved. The NZ Games Festival takes place in Wellington, New Zealand, and we're looking for your assistance with any of the following:

level up exhibition (april 20 - april 26)

You will be engaging with people from all walks of life. Ensuring the smooth running of the exhibition through supervising the games and visitors, ensuring a safe environment, and enabling conversation to build a fun inclusive atmosphere. You will be helping out with the logistics of keeping the exhibition space functioning whilst also representing the enthusiasm of our games industry.

play by play conference (april 24 - april 25)

Running a full day game developers conference requires a number of roles to be filled. You will be helping with running attendee registration, timing speakers, and helping attendees get the most out of their day by helping ensure everything runs to schedule.

satellite events (april 17 - april 26)

The NZ Games Festival run a number of one off events throughout the week. Everything ranging from workshops for all ages, to networking events, to fun social competitions. You will be providing assistance in the setting up, packing down, and anything in between to help these events run smoothly.

the pavs: nz game awards night (april 25)

To end the NZ Games Festival we will be holding The Pavs Awards. These awards recognize local game developers and their games over the past year. In order to help this event run smoothly we need a few volunteers to help out with setting up and packing down the venue and other small jobs throughout the night.

if you're selected to volunteer, you'll receive the following:

  • A free ticket to the Play by Play conference and The Pavs awards night.
  • A NZ Games Festival T-Shirt
  • A great experience connecting our game development industry with our local community

Volunteering at the NZ Games Festival is a great way to give back to the Wellington and Aotearoa community, whilst representing our game development industry. More details about expectations and requirements will be provided once we have selected our volunteers.

Applications close on Monday February 24th at 8:00PM NZST. We will get back to you regarding whether or not you have been selected as soon as possible. Any questions, please contact Liam (NZ Games Festival Volunteer Manager) at

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