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NZ Games Festival is gearing up to host another year of celebrating games and game development here in Aotearoa. Hopefully returning to in person or hybrid events for 2023 we’re looking for some more people to help bring things to life!

Joining our committee is a great way to build your skills, make connections in the industry, and give back to the Wellington and Aotearoa game development community, and we’d be stoked to have you! Aside from the personal growth and warm fuzzies that come with volunteering, we offer all our committee members free Play by Play All Access passes, entry to our private Friends of the Festival networking event, complimentary merch, and can act as a referee for things like job and visa applications.

We value diversity and want to see our festival team represent the wide variety of people among our attendees, and encourage women, LGBTQ+ community members, disabled people, Māori and Pasifika people, folks with transferable skills from outside the games industry, and anyone with a unique background to apply. Most festival roles can be completed remotely, so feel free to apply wherever you are in NZ, and we’ll see you in Wellington for the festival week.

The deadline for applications has been extended to 8pm on Friday, October 21st, and we’re happy to field any questions through

These are the roles we're looking for

The Committee Director for NZ Games Festival is a vital role for the festival. They are responsible for carrying forth the vision of NZ Games Festival as a vibrant and inclusive celebration of the games industry, with a particular focus on education and community. 

The role of the Committee Director is to help project manage NZ Games Festival, keeping the festival’s values and longevity in mind when making decisions. Additionally, the Committee Director is there to manage our team of wonderful committee members; providing everyone with clear direction, resources, and regular communication. They help manage the operational aspects of this year’s events, while assisting and aligning with the goals, values and aspirations for the festival as a whole.

Key skills can include:

  • Experience in collaborative and supportive leadership 
  • Project management/production experience
  • Organisation and communication skills
  • Business operations and/or accounting experience
  • The ability to work well with lots of different types of personalities
  • Some familiarity with task management software (Click Up, Asana, Trello, Jira, whatever your favourite flavour is) 

Responsibilities include:

  • Serve on the NZ Games Festival board of directors and work with the other directors on: 
    • Setting the framework for the content of NZ Games Festival, taking into account the festival’s financial position long-term, the work required by our committee members, and making sure all decisions align with the values and brand of the festival
    • Establishing the annual goals for NZ Games Festival
    • Providing direction and decision making around events included within NZ Games Festival
    • Updating and/or creating policies as needed, including making any necessary amendments to the Code of Conduct, and monitoring the conduct of festival volunteers and attendees 
    • Providing people and culture support and conflict resolution where needed
  • Help maintain committee documentation 
  • Work with the directors to further refine and scope committee roles and responsibilities 
  • Recruit committee for any vacancies 
  • Liaise between the different committee members as needed, as well as with the board of directors.
  • Identify blockers & crunch points from previous years.
  • Ensure that all committee members/departments can work in cohesion with one another.
  • Assign hard due dates with the directors & committee members to ensure milestones and timelines are met .
  • Schedule committee meetings.
  • Coordinate feedback collection and festival post-mortem.

The Pavs are our way to celebrate and honour New Zealand’s games industry, and this is only possible with the amazing work of Judging Managers. There are quite a few moving pieces, and so we have two Judging Managers to help keep the workload manageable. In this role, both Judging Managers will work together to select and organise a dedicated ensemble of judges and jury, liaise with the game creators, and keep great communication with a variety of committee members. 

Our previous Judging Managers, Cindy and Keegan, will be able to help you get settled into the role along with our handbook to guide you through the process. You will also be supported by Dan Edwards, our Website Manager, who has helped out with our previous Judging Managers and is keen to help again this year. 

An final important note: the Judging Managers may not have a game that is being submitted to the Pavs to eliminate any conflicts of interest. 

Key skills can include:

  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Clear and motivating communication skills
  • A level head for potentially difficult decisions
  • Familiarity with Spreadsheets

Responsibilities include:

  • Selecting judges and collect info for the website and presentation (short bio, headshot 500x500px, name, title, organisation)
  • Organising the judging system and spreadsheets
  • Working with directors to create a public transparency statement of how judging is being carried out
  • Coordinating with the Media Team for the callout for game submissions and community award nominations
  • Communicating with nominees for game and community awards as required
  • Testing games for functionality
  • Coordinating judging process for finalists and award winners
  • Collecting and passing on required assets and information to other committee members once the judges have selected finalists
  • Liaising with the Conference Director and Pavs Event Manager regarding conference and Pavs tickets for judges and finalists

The Sponsorship Manager has the wonderful role of forging rewarding and strong relationships with local and international businesses. By helping these businesses meet their goals,, the Sponsorship Manager secures the funding needed to help power the NZ Games Festival, providing businesses with ways to support our local community and connect with NZ developers. During your time in this role you’ll help to shape the sponsorship prospectus for the coming year, connect with people from businesses all around the world, and coordinate with the Treasurer and other board members on incoming funds. 

You’ll also have help getting comfortable with the role. Chantelle Cole is a previous Sponsorship Manager, and she is more than happy to help on board you into this role. She’ll assist with connecting you with our previous supporters and provide you with a treasure-trove of documentation to help you in your role, as well as be available to help answer any questions. 

Key skills can include:

  • Strong communication and people skills
  • Excellence in organisation
  • Experience managing business relationships 
  • Experience in sponsorship 
  • Experience in finance
  • Tenacity and creativity 
  • The ability to align the business goals of others with the right festival events


  • Forming connections with previous and prospective sponsors alike
  • Determining any necessary amendments to the sponsorship prospectus and working with our Media team to update it for the coming year
  • Managing the transfer of business relationships from board or committee members as needed
  • Liaising with sponsors, the board, and our committee members to ensure our obligations to sponsors and their goals are met
  • Executing sponsor contracts and providing Treasury with the details necessary for invoicing
  • Regularly touching base with Treasury about funding availability so they can adjust budgets accordingly
  • Providing our Media team with visual assets and the details needed to ensure each sponsors promotional obligations are met
  • Maintaining thorough documentation 
  • Liaising with the Media team around any additional media coverage that might be possible through help from our sponsors

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